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"My daughter's OCD symptoms were getting out of control, counselling didn't seem to make it better. She saw Kristine over three sessions and her life has dramatically improved. She is much happier, more confident and doesn't rely on her OCD behaviours any more. It has improved her life and our life as a family beyond words." J.P. Tenterden


Kristine was such a help with my OCD. Her sessions really help refocus my mind and I am so glad I found her. Thank you Kristine A.M. Tenterden, Kent

Sports Performance

After several falls off my horse, with my confidence to ride disappearing I decided to try hypnotherapy to help regain confidence and to stop the “what ifs” when riding task tracking software. Now I am able to get on my horse without panicking and enjoy myself, staying relaxed. Plus if something does go wrong I can then cope with it and not let it play on my mind, thank you Kristine, from Sue and Freddie xx S.S. Tenterden, Kent

Feeling stuck

Hi Kristine, I wanted to thank you again for working with me and for helping me out of a huge rut. I do really feel different and like I said, I feel much lighter of heart now, and feel I am better able to cope with everyday life with more control over my feelings. I thought I would feel I was on my own again to get through my daily issues when we finished working together, but I am happy (and relieved) to say I still feel good and I feel I will be fine. I am cutting down on my anti depressant tablets gradually too, so to be rid of those will be great. Thank you so much for everything. Take care, Love and hugs T xxx T.A.

Career change

Kristine has been great at helping me to focus on my goals and redirect my life. In one single session I was able to move my 'brick wall' out of the way to reveal a blank canvas in which to fill my life with the things that are important to me and that make me happy. As a direct result of visiting Kristine, I am now much more focused on my career goals and happy and content in my personal life. S.T.P.

Coaching and fear of flying

I would just like to thank you for all your support over the past few months.  I really feel I have moved on to a more positive place, and you have given me the tools and guidance to continue. The last few years have been very difficult and I can honesty say that I am now in a much better place and have a new energy and attitude. I was also so appreciative of the help you gave me to cure my fear of flying, I was so amazed at how relaxed I was and even enjoyed the flight, looking out of the window and even walking about. I have spent years flying terrified and in a real state of angst!  The Havening session was nothing short of astounding pop over to... B.W.

Low self-esteem

"Working with Kristine had a really great impact on my life... When she started coaching me, I was at a very low point in my life and felt completely stuck with low confidence. She helped me to boost my confidence up by using different techniques that worked amazingly and I now feel really energised and confident! Thank you!" A.S.

Feeling stuck

I came to Kristine with a good idea what my problem was, and also a fairly clear knowledge of what I needed to do to fix it. However, I felt was completely incapable of doing so. I was convinced there was no way I could do ‘it’. My life had become overwhelming, small things felt like mountains, and the numerous and normal minor daily stresses were almost impossible to deal with. Everything was too much. I felt small, incapable, hopeless and stuck. I explained it as feeling like I was at the bottom of a pit, desperate to get to the top, but someone had taken away the ladder. Kristine somehow managed to isolate and re-ignite the light that I knew I had in me and bring it straight into the foreground, and with it she helped me bring everything into focus in a very pain free, simple way. I didn’t need to go over old issues, old problems, nothing needed to be dragged out of me and dealt with, we just looked forward and she helped me see how easy it was to just pick myself up and run with it! After one session everything feels easier, lighter, manageable…..anything now seems possible! With Kristine’s help I feel excited, happy, calm, capable and truly free. Thank you! S.B.

Social Anxiety

I sought Kristine's expert help when  I realised that my life needed to change and quickly. Having been caught up in a loop of social anxiety, IBS and unhealthy eating for many years, I was stuck, unhappy and wanting/ needing it to stop. The whole experience of meeting Kristine, her guidance in changing my negative thoughts and using the Havening technique and hypnosis has totally changed my life. I have now enjoyed social gatherings without the fear, and even look forward to them. I have  positive thoughts about choosing the right foods and my weight is under my control. The hypnotherapy recording Kristine made for me to listen to at home continues to help calm the IBS. I feel great!  I can only thank Kristine and her expertise in helping make these changes possible. T.H.

Life after Cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer, my life crashed down, I lost myself completely, didn't know how to live, everything was too much. I felt hopeless, weak, lost, depressed, scared, no confidence. After counselling for several weeks, which didn't make much difference, I turned to Kristine.

At that time I could not cope at all, everything was overwhelming, too much. too big, too scary. After just one session, I walked away with a smile on my face, I could see the sunshine again.I just couldn't believe it, I wasn't scared anymore! It's just unbelievable that just one session can change you so much.

I saw Kristine for two more sessions after that, all I can say is, Thank you so much, I am so lucky I found you, and I am so grateful you helped me so much. I can cope with life, I am fine and cofident. Even my friends started to comment that I have changed, I can feel it too, and love it.

I started to do things i couldn't imagine before, and even if I crumble I got the tools that Kristine gave me, that will pick me up.

Thank you so much for all your help.  Z.S.

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