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What weight loss and dieting have in common with pregnancy

New year new you

It’s now March and perhaps you are one of the many people who decided to lose weight at the start of 2017. I wonder if you are still on your diet and slimming down week by week or maybe you have given up by now.
Perhaps you have finished your diet and are now finding that the weight is slowly creeping back on.
One of my wishes for 2017  is to banish the word diet. A diet is designed to be a short term change of your eating habits, which leads to weight loss. My concern is what happens when you have finished your diet, what do you do then?

What happens after a diet and giving birth?

Let me explain. When I got pregnant many moons ago I went to ante-natal classes and a whole new world opened up. We explored delivery options, breathing techniques, drugs, what happens to us in pregnancy, how to cope with symptoms of pregnancy and birth.
I became a total birth expert. Not a stone was left unturned. Every book was read.
I felt completely prepared for the birth and when the time came, gave birth to a baby at the end of it.
So there I was, completely exhausted and ready for a rest when a midwife came in and handed me my baby and said: “Here is your baby, now you look after him”.
At this point all kinds of thoughts were racing around in my head. “What do you mean look after him!! I did it, the birth is over, I need a rest”.

A new beginning and change in lifestyle

It was then it dawned on me that this was just the beginning. The beginning of a life time of parenting and being Mum.
Losing weight is similar. When you change your eating habits by dieting you become an expert in how many calories is in this and that.?You can become completely obsessed and feel bad when you have been “naughty”, especially if you aim for it to be a short term solution to your weight problems.
The point is that in hindsight I wish that my ante-natal classed had prepared be better for what came after the birth.
The parenting part and what to do with this new baby. I was totally clueless. My answer to everything was “stick him on the boob”. It was all I knew. Baby crying….Boob, baby hungry….boob, baby grumpy….boob.
He survived, thankfully.
Pregnancy and birth are just the beginning of years and years of looking after your baby, it’s a change in lifestyle as you are forced to accommodate this new being into your life.
Changing your eating habits to lose weight is also something that is the beginning of a new wonderful journey of changing your lifestyle.
It’s not something you can just do and then stop. It carries on and gets better and better, because when you eat healthy, you become healthy.
This in turn gives you energy and focus to play the game of life.
So stop dieting and change your lifestyle and food choices instead. When you do that the weight will just melt away, bit by bit without much effort.
No counting calories, no obsessing over ‘naughty’ foods, no feeling of hunger.
Instead a lifestyle which finds a place for a  healthy, colourful, interesting and exciting way of eating, with wonderful flavours and rainbow colours. Fresh, inviting and sense evoking.
What’s not to like about that?
Much Love,


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